Raptor Population Index: 2019 Analyses

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, PA

Image by Dr. Laurie Goodrich

Please cite these as:
D. Oleyar, D. Ethier, L. Goodrich, D. Brandes, R. Smith, J. Brown, and J. Sodergren. 2021. The Raptor Population Index: 2019 Analyses and Assessments.

The current RPI analyses (2009-2019) include data from 76 fall and spring count sites and include 1009 trend estimates for 28 diurnal raptor species. We present results for all of North America, and for four regions (West, Central, East, and Gulf). These analyses represent the most current assessment of the status of migratory raptors in North America. This research is possible because of data and time contributions of the sites, including their coordinators and counters, and the RPI partnering organizations. Results are viewable by: map and species combinations, by count site specific graphs for each species, and synthesized in short species conservation assessment reports.

 Site-specific RPI graphs

RPI Trend Maps

Trend Summary Index (TSI)

A positive Trend Summary Index (TSI) indicates overall increasing counts for a species/time period combination, a negative TSI indicates overall declining counts, and a score near zero indicates stable counts.

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